A group of staffs should be established to inspect Infrastructure Improvement Project for Hoi An ancient street

November 18, 2007          2041 views

(Cinet)- Many major routes of Hoi An legacy have been digged roughly, having a negative effect on tourist service in this city

On 13th November, to carry out guidelines of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Chief Ministerial Inspectors signed a document on establishing a group of inspectors for Infrastructure Improvement Project for Hoi An ancient street legacy under the regulations of Cultural Heritage Law. That group is expected to work from 19th to 22nd November.

The group in coordination with Department of Heritage (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) checks 2 projects: ancient street restoration Project, under the national target program on culture (the capital source is 29.5 billion VND financed by Quang Nam Culture and Information Department and the construction time starts from 2006) and Underground Power Network Improvement Project under Jibic (the capital source is 150 billion VND and the construction time starts from 2005), however, several streets of Hoi An has been digged illegally because of the lack of synchronous coordination . In addition, other projects related to Ancient Street (if any) will be inspected at this time.


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