Reorganizing cultural action and cultural services

November 06, 2007          2996 views

(Cinet)- The Ministry of Culture and Information has just given offical document number 1924/MCI-PC guiding on monitoring bar, restaurant, cafe operating over 12 o’clock at night or making noise by too loud music.

According to Decree of Government in November, 2006, the Division of Culture and Information is responsible for supervising and examining cultural actions in these places. Unless these bars or restaurants have their own cultural activities, the Division doesn’t have responsibility for supervising and examining them though they can run overnight.

According to the Act 12 of the Government’s Decree 81/2006/NĐ-Gov on punishment administrative violation in environment protection section on August 9th 2006, turning music loudly beyond acceptable level regulated in Viet’s standard 5449 in 1998 will be punished. The power of giving punishment is regulated in Decree-law on dealing with administrative violation in 2002 and the Act 35 of Government’s Decree 81/2006/.

The punishment of using dim light in bars, restaurants, cafe is regulated in Point e, Act 1, Clause 22, Government’s Decree 88 on punishment administrative violation in cultural activities and services and social evil prevention.


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