The Ministry of Culture and Information has plan on inspecting dance hall, karaoke bar in big cities.

November 06, 2007          1735 views

( Cinet) - The Minister of Culture and Information has just given offical document to cultural inspectors in which he demands them to increase examination activities, punish seriously the violation cases, dace halls and karaoke bar. According to plan, inter-sector cutural inspectors begin inspecting in main point areas in Hanoi and Hochiminh city.

After 2 years implementing the Government’s direction 12, the Ministry of Culture and Information realized that negative problems in this sensitive service are reduced but complex.

Taking the case of  New Century as an example, Minister Le Doan Hop required that all cultural inspectors have to co-operate closely with relevant sectors to find and punish violation cases including bar holding dance.

The inspectors of Ministry need to be self-motivated in supervising in main points. With the serious violation cases, It is necessary for the Services of Culture and Information to realize the responsibility of individuals and organizations to have suitable punishment.

With the case of some provinces which haven’t  gotten projects of karaoke services, dance halls, he  requires them to report detail the projects’ implementing  process and to complete as soon as possible to submit to the Provincial People’s Committee. The dead line is on June 3th.

According to direction 17, the granting trade licenses for karaoke service, dance halls is stoped for next several times.

In the discussion  with Mr Vu Xuan Thanh -deputy inspector of the Ministry of Culture and Information, we know that in the early of June, The Ministry of Culture and Information will work together with the Ministry of Police to examize the activities of big dance halls and restaurants in Hanoi and Hochiminh city…

The inspectors examize unintentionally dance halls and restaurants which have negative evidences basing on the people’s report.

After deploying plan seriously for a period of time, there is neglect evidence recently in many locals in inspecting activities and punishing violation cases in karaoke trade service and dance halls. The case of New Century is an example.

There are 5000 karaoke services and 100 dance halls in the whole country now.


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