Legal Documents

Official Dispatch relates to organize some propaganda activities in 2016.


To: Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in some provinces and cities

Hosting and associating with some relevant agencies to display some art works to celebrate some big festivals of the country in 2016: 86 years for Socialist Republic of Vietnam; 75 years for Uncle Ho come back home to lead the revolution; Hung Kings Temple Festival; 126 years for Ho Chi Minh’s birthday and 105 years for Uncle Ho finds way to keep the country; 63 years for Dien Bien Phu victory; 71 years for the August Revolution and the National Day of Socialist Republic of Vietnam; 100 years and over 100 years for leader’s birthday of the Party and the State; 140 years for Huynh Thuc Khang’s birthday; 100 years for Tran Quoc Hoan’s birthday; 120 years for Ho Tung Mau’s comrade and welcoming success of the 12nd Party Congress.
- Organizing some activities on the third Vietnam Book Day and enjoying the world copyright and book day.
- Organizing some activities to enhance some studying activities in library (according to Decision No.208/QĐ-TTg on January 27, 2014 of the Prime Minister)

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