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Direction relates to manage and implement cultural life at the festival in 2016.


To promote some cultural activites at the festival, Minister of Ministry of Cutlure, Sports and Tourism proposed a manager of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, head of some ministerial agencies to implement some tasks as follows:
- Inspecting the Government to promote some activities of management and organization of the festival in locality.
- Enhancing to manage and organize the festival; building some approaches to prevent natural disasters; ensure security for people and tourist at the festival.
- Directing the Management Board at the relic site, the Organization Board to build a managing approach of donation box.
Sector of culture, sports and tourism positively builds Plan and associates with some press agencies to propagandize and inform approach of the Pary, policy and law of the State and an orientation of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism about festival activity and relevant issues in the Direction.
- Promoting some activities of inspection before and after the festival to solve some violations.

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